overview detail of Bramfield milepost at TM398742

this is one of a series of milestones largely on the A144 Bungay

milestone at Darsham, near TM413717 not foundBramfieldhall WoodBramfieldWenhastonHalesworthHalesworthSpexhallSpexhallSpexhall HallIlketshall St Lawrencemilestone at Ilketshall Hall, near TM369587 not foundSt John'sSt Mary's Parishmilepost at Bungay Centre, near TM337892 not found

This site is on the map OS Landranger 156, Saxmundham

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I have a particular interest in Suffolk milestones, as Suffolk coordinator for the Milestone Society survey. Do you have any information about this site, or maybe old photographs showing it in better condition? contact me

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