overview detail of Semer Gate Farm milestone at TL995458

this is one of a series of milestones largely on the A1071 Hadleigh

Chantry ParkSpring ValeSproughtonHintleshamHintleshamWood Farmmilestone at Hill Farm, near TM056419 not foundCarrington's Horse FarmHadleigh town centremilestone at Stone Street, near TM015539 not foundmilestone at Semer Lodge, near TM010453 not foundSemer Gate Farmmilestone at Lindsey Tye, near TL985467 not foundChelsworthmilestone at Monks Eleigh, near TL960475 not foundmilestone at Brent Eleigh, near TL947476 not foundBrent  Eleighmilestone at Dandy House, near TL920486 not foundmilestone at Lavenham, near TL916495 not foundmilestone at Lavenham, near TL916495 not foundmilestone at Lavenham Hill Farm, near TL917512 not foundmilestone at Stow's Hill, near TL910530 not foundmilestone at Cockfield Windmill, near TL903539 not foundmilestone at Cockfield Cross, near TL897555 not found

This site is on the map OS Landranger 155, Bury St Edmunds

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