overview detail of Great Barton milestone at TL892672 extra detail of Great Barton milestone at TL892672

this is one of a series of milestones largely on the A143 Thetford

Great BartonIxworthAlecock's GraveHepworthWattisfieldWalnut Tree CottageRickinghallBotesdaleNew Waters FarmWorthammilestone at Scole, near TM155788 not foundmilestone at Farm Hill, near TM170789 not foundmilestone at The Hall/Church, near TM187789 not foundmilestone at Brockdish, near TM212797 not foundNeedhammilestone at Gunshaw Hall, near TM238820 not foundHarlestonWortwellHolbrock HillBroomemilestone at Ellingham, near TM354921 not foundKirby Rowmilestone at Windle Hills, near TM424935 not foundmilestone at Toft Monks, near TM431954 not foundmilestone at TM435968 not foundHaddiscoeFritton

This site is on the map OS Landranger 155, Bury St Edmunds

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