overview detail of Cambridge plaque milepost at TL447585

this is one of a series of milestones largely on the B1368 Barkway

Cambridge plaqueTrumpington RiverTrumpingtonNear TrumpingtonHauxton bridgeHarstonNewtonNear NewtonNear FowlmereFowlmereFowlmere Landing StripFlint Cross JunctionIcknield WayNear BarleyBarleymilestone at Newsells, near TL391366 not foundBarkwaymilestone at Barkway Equestrian Centre, near TL385341 not foundCave GateSilk Mead Farmmilestone at Hare Street, near TL390297 not foundDassles Hillmilestone at Hay Street, near TL393262 not foundBraughingmilestone at Puckeridge, near TL387238 not found

This site is on the map OS landranger 154, Cambridge & Newmarket

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