overview detail of Colney milestone at TG176078

this is one of a series of milestones largely on the B1108 Watton

milestone at Norwich 1 mile, near TG213085 not foundEarlham HallColneyBawburgh Hillmilestone at High House Farm, near TG143076 not foundmilestone at Bow Hill Barford, near TG126074 not foundBarfordmilestone at Hill Farm Barford, near TG099071 not foundCarleton Forehoemilestone at Skipping Block, near TG072049 not foundKimberelymilestone at Hackford, near TG055026 not foundHingham Sea MereHinghammilestone at Frost Row, near TG008021 not foundScoulton MereScoultonmilestone at Carbrooke Hall, near TF963008 not foundSummer Lane WattonWatton 1 mileGriston Road

This site is on the map OS Landranger 134, Norwich

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