detail of Lonach Hill milestone at NJ328105

this is one of a series of milestones largely on the A944

GlenlogieWhitehouseAlford Valley Railwaymilestone at Alford, near NJ578158 not foundmilestone at Alford, near NJ567167 not foundAlfordKirkton of ForbesLittlewood Parkmilestone at Howmill, near NJ483190 not foundHeugh-headColquhownie HotelStrathdonRoughparkLonach Hillmilestone at Lonach Hill, near NJ323108 not foundGarchoryColnabaichinCorgarff Cemeterymilestone at Corgarff, near NJ269088 not foundmilestone at Corgarff river Don, near NJ256090 not foundmilestone at Corgarff, near NJ254104 not foundmilestone at Little Corr Riabhach, near NJ251119 not found

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